Highperformer Club

The Highperformer Club was founded by Miguel Miranda in May 2022. The aim is to improve performance of individuals by introducing the right habits, building powerful networks and optimise communication between all those interested in highperformance thinking. To achieve exactly the levels of highperformance a platform was needed, where the own achievements can be presented, where with potential partners can connected or where deals can be made. Passive listeners are also welcome. Our club closes this communication gab by providing a concept that is unique in the modern world. The meetings take place approx. every 4 weeks on Saturdays at 3 PM in Munich. A handful of selected members get each meeting the chance to present their goals and challenges with other club members to brainstorm together practical solutions to get closer towards achievement. As a rule, about 25-minute presentations from the highperformance sector, mainly with a practical background, are given there. In addition, outside club activities such as deal days, specialised trainings, retreats or other exciting activities are also planned based on the preferences of our club members.

Become A Highperformer Member

Any person who wants to strive to be the best version of themselves can become a member. You are especially well qualified if you are located in Munich, speak English and want to use the full capacity of your brain. We want to restrict access and maintain the highest quality of the group. Qualified members will be selected for what they ‘bring to the table’ and it’s important that you’re willing to share your unique skills, resources and knowledge. Membership is application-only or by-referral only from other existing members. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming club meetings. Contact Miguel to get more details.
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